Your kids will copy you. Use it as a force for good… Like a Jedi Master in training.

Adults have an important job to be a good role model. There is always someone watching.

Here’s the lowdown:

Showing your teen that you need a substance to relieve stress, or use as a coping skill, can send the wrong message.
Send positive messages that do not encourage substance use.

  1. Never drive after using alcohol or marijuana
  2. Do not use illicit drugs
  3. Use prescriptions as directed
  4. If you drink, do so in moderation.
  5. Never ask a child to bring you alcohol or any other substance
  6. Do not make jokes or tell stories about use

There is always someone watching. This may be a sibling, neighborhood child, kid on the school bus, your child, or grandchild. Send positive messages that do not encourage substance use. Youth want to exhibit the same behavior as those they admire. Kids need clear and consistent messages both told and shown to them. What you say, and what you do matters, more than you know. Learn some ways to communicate with young people of different ages about substance use.

Use Behavior Modeling To Teach Your Teen

You can teach your teen in a positive way through behavior modeling. Whether you want your teen to learn how to cook or iron a dress shirt, these steps can help them remember what to do:

  1. Have your teen watch you perform the task first.
  2. Allow your teen time to process and remember the behavior you performed.
  3. Give your teen a chance to practice performing the behavior on their own.
  4. Use positive reinforcement, such as praise, to encourage your teen to keep up the good work.

Still have questions? Get more information and learn the action steps you can take.